Gin Connoisseurs Gin Tasting Course
Saturday 22nd July 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Gin Tasting, £45.00
Our Gin Connoisseurs Gin tasting course will give you the background in all you need to know about Gin. With Gins continued resurgence and new brands coming onto the market every week, which is the right Gin [...]

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World Of Gin Tasting
Saturday 8th July 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Gin Tasting, £40.00
With the continued expansion of craft gins in the U.K. We open up the World market of gin by showcasing 6 all new gins to Loki from across the globe together with the latest trends in tonics, mixers and serves [...]

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Prosecco Tasting
Saturday 21st October 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Tasting, £35.00
Join us for Loki’s Prosecco tasting! Prosecco has become a world-wide sensation and is the UK’s most popular sparkling wine, having now overtaken Champagne in annual volumes sold, most of you would have [...]

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Cheese and Wine Tasting V2.0
Saturday 7th October 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Tasting, £35.00
Come and join us at Loki for one of our most popular events our cheese and wine tasting. Numerous cheese and wine combinations are known to make classic combinations, from the traditional Christmas staple of [...]

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Natural & Organic Wine Tasting
Saturday 18th November 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Tasting, £30.00
Join us this November for Loki’s Natural and Organic Wine Tasting. This is the first time we have specifically sought to highlight some of the world’s most interesting natural and organic wines. We have [...]

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Taste Like An Expert Wine Course
Saturday 16th September 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Wine Course, £35.00
This new wine course is the direct follow-on to our popular Beginners Guide to Wine Course (previously Introduction to Wine Level 1). Attendance of the beginners course is not however a pre-requisite for [...]

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WSET Level 1 Wine Tasting Course
Monday 22nd May 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Wine Course, £130.00
The WSET Level 1 wine tasting course is a great starting point for those interested in exploring (and tasting) different styles of wine. This course is perfect for wine lovers as well as first time employees [...]

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Beginners Guide To Wine Course
Saturday 30th September 2017 Loki Wine Lounge
Wine Course, £30.00
Have you ever wanted to learn more about wine? Our highly popular Beginners Guide to wine course gives you the basics to start exploring the world of wine. The 2 hour wine course will provide you with the [...]

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